getting away

We ran away from Denver and our lack of a/c and ended up in Fort Collins.  Kind of random, yes, but totally awesome.

Before we headed north we stopped by Jersey Mike’s, a recommendation from Amy, a Jersey native.  She said it would be pretty authentic, and what is better on a hot summer day?
daily eats-8
Dan and I split the Italian sub and it was pretty delicious, totally gets our stamp of approval!
daily eats-9
After Jersey Mike’s we made our way back over to Sweet Action.  This time Dan got the Blueberry chocolate swirl
daily eats-10
and I tried out the sticky toffee pudding.
daily eats-11
Both were good but I think we both preferred the flavors we had the first time.
 daily eats-12

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After lunch we got on the road to Fort Collins.  It just so happened that our hotel was right next to the Loveland Outlets.  I wandered over there while Dan was swimming and got a ton of steps in!  I was also looking for a new pair of shoes.  See, my trusty Saucony’s are getting on in age and have started ripping.
daily eats-2
Yeah, I need new shoes. 
daily eats-3
Although, spending 100 dollars on shoes seems a bit outrageous to me.  I was so excited to see that Nike was having a good sale and I found these babies for $27.  Can you believe it?!
daily eats-1
That was awesome.  After shopping we headed downtown to Enzio’s Italian Kitchen.  I read a review on Feasting Fort Collins and thought we’d check it out.  On the way we passed by a repurposed Walgreen’s building.  I’ve seen these turned into dollar stores and other basic shops, but never into a church.(it says South Gate Church)
Kinda crazy?  We were trying to figure out what they do with the drive thru pharmacy, drive thru communion?

We started with some bread that seemed to have some cheese and rosemary baked into it.
And since Dan was particularly hungry decided to try out some of the appetizers.  First we tried the pancetta wrapped scallops.
Dan loved the smokey flavor, I felt like the pancetta overwhelmed the scallops.
We also got the fried risotto balls.
Wow, I think the gorgonzola cheese added an amazing and complex umami flavor.

Dan was really excited about the “Basil pesto rubbed tenderloin of pork, wrapped in pancetta, then grilled and finished with red wine demi-glace. It was served with more risotto (minus the gorgonzola) spaghetti squash and green beans.
This wasn’t as good as we had hoped.  I decided on a comfort food dish and got the spaghetti Bolognese.
This too was not as flavorful as we had hoped.  I ate about half.  Overall, it was a really pleasant evening.  I really enjoyed being able to get away, even if for just a night.

How do you cool down from the heat?