Lately I have been focusing on so much more than my weight loss.  Between my job, my photography and my ordinary life I haven’t had much time to really focus on losing weight.  I know that this lack of focus is really slowing this process down.
While on one hand my life has been impacted by my weight, it hasn’t been defined by my weight.  I read some blogs/know some people that see being fat as being lesser than life when thin.  That life can’t be anything but miserable while you are overweight, it’s all about missed opportunities and health risks.  I just don’t see it black and white like that.
mazatlan day 3&4-35
I don’t know about you, but my life is not on hold while I wait to lose weight.  I do put off buying clothes some times.  My perspective might be different because I have been overweight since I was seven.  So, if I don’t live my life I’d never experience half of the things I have.  I definitely wouldn’t have met Dan.  I also wouldn’t be pursuing my photography more.
 Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-232
This weekend I will be photographing my first triathlon, I’m so excited!  My free time has been spent getting ready for this weekend and working on my photography course that I haven’t had time to stress out about the scale, or my muscle definition.  I’ve been moving because my bodybugg rewards me when I reach my goals(by beeping and sending me a message with an exclamation point).
I am not miserable because I’m overweight.  I’m not putting anything off, I’m pursuing my dreams and the weight loss just have to be a piece of that.  This does mean that the weight loss will take longer, but frankly, I’d rather live a fuller life while overweight than be singularly focused and skinny.  I wish I could do it all, quickly and well, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. 
What dreams are you pursuing to diversify your life?