Well, something is wrong with our buildings air conditioning.  We probably won’t have any until next Friday.  OUCH.  Dan and I spent all of Friday a/c surfing.  We were out of luck finding really cold air conditioning until we went to Panera.  Here is Dan finally finding peace. 

2010-05-28 13.50.55 (1)

We stayed at Panera for a few hours and worked on Dan’s website.  Then it was time for him to go to swim practice so he dropped me off at starbucks.  It was there that I saw this dress. 


front butt

The girl was so skinny and yet she is wearing a dress that makes it look like she has a front-butt.  What do you think? I’m not fashionable, so maybe this is the new thing?


In other fashion news, I saw this on the street.


Is pegging your pants coming back? I still remember the morning that my older sister taught me how to peg my jeans, I was in 4th grade in Pittsburgh and I was on my way to a weekend band practice and she took the time to show me how to do it on my jeans and I felt SO Cool.  I think I strutted all the way to practice…Those were the days!


Dan and I are now headed to a hotel room for the weekend.  The house is just too darn hot.


What fashion era do you remember most fondly?  And seriously, is that dress fashionable?