a cold and snowy day

I can’t believe it’s snowing in May.  And yes, this is like the third of fourth time in the past month that I’ve been surprised by the snow.
Last night Dan made the mushroom risotto that we love so much.  I went outside to take more photos for my assignment.  Little did I know the precipitation had already started. 
It was all I could do to protect my new lens from the rain!  I know, another new lens.  Yay!  It was a birthday present from Dan’s parents and I love it (I’d better, I picked it out).

I had an interesting time with aperture yesterday.  I started with the aperture wide open(f 1.8).
class risotto-7
and then I slowly closed it.
class risotto-10
Do you see the image coming into better focus?(f22) class risotto-18
Then I decided to move my white board in closer (and reopened the aperture) can you tell the difference in the light?  I think it’s pretty dramatic! (ignore the white board, it got into the image!
class risotto-19
This class is so much fun.  I’m just hoping that the snow goes away and the sun and the warmth come back before the Littlefoot Triathlon on Sunday.snow-57
What fun thing have you been learning this week?