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Happy Saturday!  Just a quick post from Friday.  I had a lunch at Marczyks, I didn’t feel like a sandwich so I got a delicious looking Israeli couscous salad.  It had mint in it and pine nuts.  So delicious!  I wanted more.  To supplement the couscous I picked up a coconut cream pie Larabar.
daily eats-1

By far my most favorite Larabar.  Totally dessert, I wonder where I can find them in bulk.  I love the limonata I had yesterday, but I can’t be drinking 140 calories each day.  So instead I got a sparkling water.
daily eats-3
I went to happy hour after work and stuck to vodka and sodas, I did help demolish the artichoke dip.  Oops.  I came home pretty hungry for dinner and Dan got to work making us some chicken with leeks and apples.
daily eats-4
Then it was an early night for us!  I’m hoping the long bad week has ended and that next week will be all good news, all the time.

What are you up to this weekend?