Yeah, I rock

More walking!  I guess my calf just needed to be stretched and used.  I walked a lot more than usual on Tuesday, and I made good food choices.  So, am I back?  I think so!  Of course, I wasn’t challenged much. 

Breakfast was my usual, chia seeds, grits and an egg.  It doesn’t travel so well, but it travels well enough!  I did go to starbucks twice, and only got an unsweetened iced green tea.  Yeah, I rock (and so does the iced green tea!).

For lunch we went to panera once and I chose a kids grilled cheese(apparently adult grilled cheeses are options now).  But they weren’t too tempting.
I didn’t have my camera with me, so no food photos from the day.  Dinner was notable though.  Pork Chops with bread crumbs and bean salad.  This was so delicious.  You won’t have to wait long for the recipe, I’m posting this afternoon!
The first of my dental appointments begin on Wednesday!  Yikes!  This week is so busy and I’m going to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit my mom (and attend a conference).  Work travel is always a bit of a challenge, food wise.  I’ll see if I feel ok taking pictures there and if so you’ll see how well I do!

Do you take food pictures at work events?