when in pittsburgh…

…go to ikea!  The things I heard when I told people I was going to pgh, they asked if I was going to ikea or trader joes.  And those were our first stops on Saturday.

I love Ikea, it totally reminds me of my time in Sweden.  The university furnished our dorms with Ikea and the food.  Well, it’s all there!  First of all, Sweden is big on pear drinks and so I was delighted to see a pear soda.  YUM!  We need more pear flavored drinks.ikea-13
Usually the pear drink comes in bottles like these, of course, these are peach, but it also comes in pear.
Another Swedish specialty.  Salty candy.  Licorice with salt in it.  It’s actually pretty disgusting, but very Swedish.
Kex are a bit like Kit Kats, but different.
I love Daim, mom and I had samples of Daim and she said that it tastes like a heath bar, I totally agree.
One of the funnier options for candy is these bilar candies.  Bilar means car.  Yup, candy cars…
moving from candy to dessert…These are really classic swedish desserts.
and little cakes, I don’t remember what is in here.
and chocolate covered marshmallows
and damsugarers, chocolate, marzipan and punsch. damsugarer means vacuum I think.  My host parents told me that they had these on their first date and they had a good laugh that it meant vacuum cleaner…ikea-23
The fruit in sweden have the best names.  Cloudberry…
and lingonberry.  such fun names!ikea-25
Weird foods that Swedes like to eat….caviar for breakfast (creamed caviar at that!)
and pickled herring. A Swedish specialtyikea-18
I liked this at first but can’t eat it anymore.  Other than the pear drink we didn’t buy any of this, but it brought back so many memories!  We did buy some things.  Not food though, We started the pile of grandchildren toys for my moms house. (no, I’m not preggo, these are for my niece)ikea-12-2

so cute!  It’ll be nice to have a stash of toys around!

Wow, this was a loooong post.  And it’s only the beginning of the day!  I’ll continue the day on Monday!

Do you love Ikea?  What do you have to get when you go there?