Watermelon Shake

Do you ever feel like you are practically inhaling your food?  I know there were some meals that I didn’t really worry about chewing enough.  It wasn’t until chewing was this painful that I realized the role that chewing my food plays into my enjoyment of the food.

 watermelon shake-3

Unfortunately chewing hurts right now, but once my jaw is up to shape I’m going to chew much much more and I think that will help me slow down and get the most out of each meal.

watermelon shake-5

On that note, Dan had bought me some watermelon in the hopes that I’d be able to snack on it.  Unfortunately it was too hard to chew, so Dan has been making me watermelon shakes.

watermelon shake-1


Dan’s Watermelon Shake

  • watermelon
  • vanilla yogurt
  • milk


Mix in the blender.  Serve!

watermelon shake-6

On another note, I’m thinking about changing things around this blog.  I think I’m going to go to once a day posting.  The “this is what I eat” journaling has started to bore me, and I’m also having issues remembering to take pictures.  So, I’m going to transition back to one post a day.  I’ll still have restaurant reviews, recipes and stories about life.


Do you pay attention to how much you chew your food?watermelon shake-8