under the knife

As you read this I’m at the dentists office losing 4 teeth.  Sad day!  Dan is prepared to be an awesome caregiver and has stocked the fridge full of foods for me to eat while recovering.  Below are the foods I'll be eating of the next few days!

My friend Annie turned me onto this yogurt and despite it’s high calorie content (250 for a 1/2 cup) it’s totally worth it.  A little goes a really long way!
mushy food-5
Of course I have to have applesauce
mushy food-4
I was delighted when I saw that Mac & Cheese was on the list of approved foods!
mushy food-7
Dan found watermelon on sale and so I’ll try to see if that works…
mushy food-3

Dan also found a recipe for parmesan truffle mashed potatoes…It’s not made yet, but I can’t wait!
mushy food-2
Finally Dan will be making some sweet potato mash for me.  Yum…
mushy food-1
And for the piece de resistance…Ben and Jerry’s Cake Batter Ice cream,  YUM!  I can’t wait to dig into this!  And best yet, it doesn’t have any bits or pieces in it.
mushy food-6
My surgery starts at 10 am MT, I actually have no idea how long it will take and what it will be like with all that pain in my head…

What foods did you eat after your wisdom (or other) teeth were removed?  I know not to use a straw and to swish with salt water, any other advice for me?