I can’t believe it is so late already and I haven’t blogged!  Oops.  It’s been a busy day finishing up editing of the Mexico pictures, I wish my computer would process a little faster.  Oh well.


Friday was really low key, I picked up my car from the shop (less than $200 woot!) and visited Target.tulips-2


It’s great to have some time to do housekeeping and get things in order.  I also took pictures of the tulips Dan gave me.  Aren’t they pretty?!tulips-8

I have serious issues sleeping when Dan’s out of town (not disciplined enough for a bed time I guess….) so I was up WAYY too late.  Unfortunately I woke up at like 7 am this morning.  Why can’t I be that awake during the week days?tulips-14

Do you set a bed time for yourself? Or do you follow the lead of your partner like I do?