single habits

I hate when Dan’s out of town.  I made sure to line up a bunch of things to do this weekend to keep me busy.  I’ve realized a few things. 
daily eats-4 (2)
breakfast: chia seeds on a bagel

1) I prefer Dan’s and my routine more than my routine when I’m home alone.  And
daily eats-3
lunch: shrimp caesar salad 
2) Crap begets crap.  This goes for everything.  Since most of my work has been computer based I’ve done a lot of sitting with crap tv on in the background.  The days that I watched procedural crime dramas I felt worse than the days I watched HGTV.  I guess both are crap TV, but one may be more infecting than the other.  I got nervous before falling asleep on nights I watched crime dramas, but when I spent the day with HGTV in the background I fell asleep quickly and soundly.
daily eats-4
dinner: an egg with grits…didn’t want processed crap, so I made this

It’s interesting how impactful what we expose ourselves to really is. We are all realizing how crappy bad food makes us feel (another thing I so valiantly tested out this weekend).  I’m just beginning to realize the impact that media has. 

I just put this out there as food for thought.  I know some people have stronger constitution than I do and can watch scary movies etc without being impacted.  I can not.

Can you handle a scary movie?