Parmesan Truffle Mashed Potatoes

I really like food.  A lot.  Not being able to eat real delicious food for awhile was making me sad.  Thankfully Dan knows me well enough to fix that situation. 

I said that I could have mashed potatoes and Dan decided to find the most decadent and amazing mashed potato recipe.  It includes two of my favorite things.  First, cheese and second, truffle oil.  Better yet Dan said that it was easy to make.
 mashed potatoes-1
I didn’t take too many pictures because I spent 90% of the weekend in bed with the lights down.  Not prime photography locations.  This gave me calories I needed and filled my desire for something savory to mix up the apple sauce and yogurt.
 mashed potatoes-2
Parmesan Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Make mashed potatoes and add parmesan and truffle oil while mixing.

Nutritionals vary according to amounts used…