oh my aching calves

I don’t know what I did on Saturday, but my calves are killing me!  I can’t walk down stairs without pain :(  I’m stretching and icing etc. but the pain is still there, I can’t even cross my legs without it hurting.  Poor me.

Monday started off with a bang with an offsite meeting in the morning, and General Assembly hearing all afternoon.  Because of all this action, I didn’t get any good food pics in.

Breakfast was eaten at home, my favorite.  Grits, chia seeds and an egg.
daily eats-9
I got to the meeting and was really thankful that I had a hearty breakfast because I was sitting right next to the tray of starbucks pastries for the entire meeting.  We were discussing obesity issues and had a full tray of refined carbs.  The smell was oh so tempting though! 

I did have a few missteps at work though.  A coworker brought in Lamar’s Donuts.  I’ll spare you the details!
Dan had chicken ready for me when I got home.  An old favorite, chicken pieces with lime
I just love the lime flavor.  So delicious.  I’m off to stretch more and try to get the pain under control.
Do you have any good stretching techniques for your calves?