the jaw

The surgery went well yesterday, long delay to get in, but after that it was fine.  The dentist was really nice and kinda cute :)  One thing I like about this dentists office is that they do the little things to make it easier.  The lobby has free Wi-Fi so Dan could be entertained the whole time and they took time to make sure we understood everything, cost, what would happen/what did happen etc.  They worked out all the money stuff first so that after the surgery I could walk out and go home.  I REALLY appreciated that!  Thanks for the great recommendation Annissa!
I don’t know about you, but I’m a little off after a anesthesia…I’m glad to say the most embarrassing thing that I remember doing is trying to sign to Dan and the dentist.  I was scared to open my mouth!  Unfortunately no one knew sign.  Oh well.  It does remind me that I really like being able to sign and want to teach it to our kids so I’d better brush up!
We walked out of the doctors office to SNOW!  It was a really terrifying drive home (for dan, I was still a bit out of it).  He’s been such a great caretaker!
The absolute worst part of the day was as the anesthesia was wearing off and before the percoset got home…but other than that the day was ok.
I did notice that I’m starting to look like Bethenny Frankel. 

Unfortunately, it is not her body that I’m resembling…It is her jaw…

(boy self portraits are hard! I took like 30 pics to find one that works!) Oh well.  Ice is definitely my best friend right now!  I keep switching from one side to the other.
All in all things are moving pretty well (knock on wood).  Best of all Dan discovered parmesan truffle mashed potatoes.  mmmmm Sooo tasty!
Also, Dan is keeping me filled up with iced green tea from starbucks.  Love this!
What silly/embarrassing things have you done post-surgery or even when you are really sleepy?