I need your help

The rest of my weekend with my mom was really nice, I got two things done that I’ve needed to do for a looong time.  A pedicure and my eyebrow wax.  Now I’m totally paranoid that my eyebrows aren’t even!  I could spend far too much of my life staring at my eyebrows and making sure they match.  

I have to add that I spent like 5 minutes trying to take a good self portrait and now I’m seeing spots from too many flashes too close to my eyes. Boo

After mom and I got back from the mall we had a Mexican fiesta.  There is no fiesta without margaritas!
mexican fiesta-2
We also had some tortilla chips and dips.  Homemade guacamole, bean dip and salsa.
mexican fiesta-1
my mom made delicious corn soup.  Yum!
mexican fiesta-3