Happy Easter!

It has been a beautiful weekend in Denver,  I love it when the weather cooperates with time out of work!

Saturday started with a plate of protein.  A faux fried egg(real egg, just not really fried) and some bacon (real bacon, not turkey, but no nitrates etc).
daily eats-1
After breakfast I went shopping with my friend Cassidy.  I came away with a new pair of puma shoes and a ton of puma socks.  I LOVE puma socks.  I will search through all my clean socks to find my puma socks to wear for a workout.  I hope these are as awesome as the ones I already have!

After we finished shopping, we decided to grab a quick bite.  We tried to go to one of our usual places but were thwarted by a less than ideal parking situation.  So instead we ended up at Tony’s Market.  I have been eyeing this place for ages now and haven’t had an excuse to go until now.
2010-04-03 13.24.43
I ended up ordering the grilled portabello sandwich that had sweet peppers, basil pesto, parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts and spinach on ciabatta.  I opted for a side salad instead of chips.
2010-04-03 13.24.51 (1)
I didn’t have my camera so my droid took the pictures.  The droid is probably better than my first digital camera, but my Nikon has spoiled me…

I was tempted by the strawberries at Tony’s and so I had to bring a bunch home with me.  And this is what inspired my “dinner.”  I should clarify that I’m not good at eating meals when Dan’s out of town.  So I decided to take a page out of my mom’s book and have strawberry shortcake for dinner.  But instead of shortcake, I had angel food cake.  How I love the light airy taste of the angel food cake.
daily eats-2
Also on Saturday I finally started running again!  After the shopping trip with Cassidy I decided that I wanted to get a good workout in.  I started running and it felt easy.  My lungs were my limiting factor not my legs.  Of course my legs are super sore now!

Do you ever have dessert for dinner?