happy birthday part 1.

Because of my wisdom tooth(teeth?) surgery and uncertainty about when I’ll be able to eat real food again, I wanted to have my birthday dinner the night before the surgery.

I’ve been passing by Olivea for ages now and have always been tempted by the aroma and needed to try it out. Dan picked me up after swim practice on Thursday and we went on the hunt for parking.  Luckily Olivea has parking behind the restaurant so we  made it just in time for our reservation.

The restaurant was very intimate with just a handful of tables and we got a cozy table near the back of the room.  I started the night ordering an Olivéa gimlet: house made keylime simple syrup mixed with Square One Botanicals spirit with an extra zest of lime.  Oh so tasty!  (no pictures though).  I’ve never had a gimlet before but this one was fantastic.

We skipped appetizers and both ordered entrees.  Dan ordered the poached alaskan halibut, a ragout of potatoes, asparagus, capers with an
anchovy herb aioli.  No pictures because it was dark, but it was tasty.  The aioli was delicious!

I ordered the ricotta ravioli with basil pesto, peas and pecorino and bacon.
The ravioli was homemade and melted in my mouth.  This dish was so fine and delicate.  This picture, and what follows are all pretty bad pics, but I just HAD to document the dishes.  So good!
Since we were celebrating we decided to order two desserts.  First up was one that I heard about awhile ago and have been thinking about ever since.

The chocolate and fleur de sel caramel tart with milk chocolate gelato and nougatine crunch.
Oh so delicious and rich.  So So amazing

The second dessert we ordered was the seasonal fruit crostata with fromage blanc gelato.  The seasonal fruit was pears.  The flavors in this dish were complex and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it all…
Overall this restaurant lived up to its reputation and is a place I want to go back to!

What creative drink have you tried lately?

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