Good Friday

Thursday was a fantastic day in my world.  My car hasn’t been starting lately, which isn’t as big of a deal for me since I barely drive anywhere.  Since Dan was leaving for Peru for the weekend and taking his car to the airport, I need mine for a few things. 

daily eats-1

I was so worried that my car would cost a lot of money and was dreading the call with the estimate.  Hooray!  It was not too bad!  Apparently a wire was bad and was causing all the trouble, but it wasn’t a big deal.  Yay, my little car is starting again.

daily eats-4

Another good thing about Thursday was that it was my Friday!  Unfortunately, Friday is a mandatory unpaid leave day.  But a day off is a bonus in my book!

daily eats-5

The last good thing about Thursday is partially good, partially bad.  Some of my coworkers and I had a happy hour.  Unfortunately, we had it because it was Annissa’s last day for awhile, but it was fun to hang out with my awesome coworkers. daily eats-10

(L-R Annie, Annissa and Marci)

Too bad the food at Caveau was too tempting and I had more food than I was planning on.

daily eats-6

I did walk home.  So that’s something, right?  Dan is now in the middle of his 14 hour trip to Peru (2 long layovers boo).  I may have a three day weekend but it is going to be super busy with some housekeeping projects and other fun plans!


Do you have today off?  If so, how are you spending it?