A few of my favorite things…

Wednesday was a fantastic day!  I’m getting tons of steps in and as a result, burning more calories.  I love my body bugg.  On Wednesday one of my coworkers and I had a walking meeting, have any of you done this?  Our creative juices were flowing and we had a really productive meeting.  I must do this more often.

daily eats-1

Between the walking meeting, my walks to and from work and my coffee break I am going to break 15,000 steps in one day!  That’s almost a record for me.  This is definitely the best part of the body bugg.  The accountability

daily eats-2

Food was boring, nothing new except for dinner.  Dan combined some of my favorite ingredients for dinner.  Shrimp, dill, feta, lemon zest and spaghetti.

shrimp and dill-7

I wish there was a little more lemon zest.

shrimp and dill-10


Boy am I full now!

shrimp and dill-6

Tomorrow is my Friday!  I have to admit that I’ve been waiting for the weekend all week long!  Why is it that short weeks always takes the longest?


Do you have any walking meetings?