date night

I’ve been talking about going to see Dan’s movie (hubble 3d) for a long time now.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize how crowded the museum (parking lot especially) would be on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  That shows us for not planning ahead!  So, as of Saturday, we’re 0-3 attempts to see the movie…

Instead we made a trip to Target, my favorite place!  My goal is to find a specific type of dental floss.  My trip to the dentist has compelled me to step up my flossing and I know it’s wasteful, but I prefer the little handled flossers instead of the string.  I just love wandering around target, but I hate when it’s insanely crowded.
daily eats-1
(breakfast: granola, yogurt and chia seeds)
I decided to run in the afternoon and boy, my legs are sore!  Ouch!

To make up for the missed movie earlier we decided to take a nice stroll downtown to see Date Night.  We bought tickets ahead of the time so that we’d guarantee a seat.  We realized shortly after arriving at the theater that it was unnecessary!  There were only two couples there before us!

The movie was pretty funny and cute unfortunately we sat in front of the worlds most annoying laugher!  She/he was so loud and obnoxious that we couldn’t hear the punch line or the next line.  Thankfully she/he quieted down through the movie so we could enjoy the really funny parts!
daily eats-5
(lunch: artichoke and other yummy stuff)
After the movie we took a nice stroll home, I love this weather.  I also love living downtown so that we can walk to so many different places!

What was the most annoying movie interruption you’ve experienced?