cutest fat ever

Sunday is always bittersweet, I’m always a bit sad that the weekend is about to end.  But this Sunday was our fourth attempt to see Hubble 3D.  We got to the theater an hour early to avoid the issues that we faced on Saturday. 
daily eats-8
(breakfast: fried eggs, grits and chia seeds)

Thankfully we got an easy parking spot and there was no line at the ticket booth.  When we got to the counter we were kindly informed by the lady that we were buying tickets to Hubble, not Hubble 3D.  FAIL!  The movie was made to be in 3D and the preview we went to in September was in 3D and AMAZING. 
daily eats-7
We were really disappointed that we didn’t have the option to see it in 3D, but decided that when we go to D.C. that we are going to see it there at the Smithsonian.  So, D.C. friends, I’d love to see you on Sunday May 23rd at the 5:50 or 6:50 showing at the Air and Space Museum(the one on the Mall).  Email me at if you are interested!

Because we had gotten to the museum an hour early and didn’t buy tickets to see the whole museum we spent a lot of time in the gift shop.  We found some interesting books.
daily eats-5
Has anyone heard of this?  Is it worth a read?  We also saw these “science stuffed animals”  There was swine flu and red blood cells.daily eats-6
Then I was attacked by a flu cell!  AHHH!
daily eats-3
And Dan and I both tried to take a bite out of the cutest fat cell ever!
daily eats-2
daily eats-4
The movie was pretty incredible, no annoying laughter this time!  And best of all we were able to see Dan’s name in the credits.  He was a part of that!

We enjoyed the beautiful Sunday afternoon and the next thing we knew it was dinner time, so instead of ordering pizza in, Dan made butternut squash flat bread.  Yum!
butternut flat bread-7

What was the last IMAX movie that you’ve seen?