conference time

So, my conference started on Monday.  Interestingly enough, the conference is in the only hotel in Pittsburgh that I’ve ever slept in.  (I mean downtown, not suburbs…my dad used to visit Pittsburgh and we’d all stay in the Residence Inn.)  This hotel was the location of my Medallion Ball, a debutant-type ball in Pittsburgh.  I wish I had some pictures with me to show you!  I look so young!  So, the entire time I’m in the conference, I’m thinking about that night.  Such a fun walk down memory lane!


We went to dinner at Six Penn Kitchen.  I couldn’t resist ordering the lobster mac n cheese



It was tasty.  But too much food.  It’s so hard to eat well at conferences!  I’ve gone to the gym every night to try to combat the food…I’ve also tried to skip the more fattening foods!


What do you do at conferences/meetings?