clean house

A small house with four women gets really full really quickly.  It’s now time to clean out the excess.  We started with the books.  Boy are there books…Books that we’ll never read again.  I wish I had a before picture, but I do have an after!


We filled up more than 26 grocery bags, so many that they wouldn’t fit in the back.


we had the overflow in the back seat.pgh-14

That’s a lot of books!  So, instead of the bookshelves being packed solid with books, there is space.


These aren’t great pictures, but my sisters will be amazed by all the space we have!


We still have the basement to deal with, but it is so much nicer and I’m glad to help.  Oh, and Melissa?  We got the perfect book for you.  Baby exercise book.  pgh-16

I’m all about combating childhood obesity, but really?!  baby exercise book?  A baby foam roller, tips on how to tone your babies belly?  Yes on both accounts.  I’d show you pictures, but all of the babies and toddlers are nekkid and well, this is a family website.


This book is so bad!  Forming baby pectoral and dorsal muscles?  Really?  What happened to just playing with a baby?  And why are the babies nekkid?  They can’t be potty trained yet.  I sense a major cleanup on the set…


What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve found in your past?