cake fail

My 30th was awesome, and I’m excited that it’s not over yet!  The day started on the right foot when I was able to still fit into my small jeans.  YAY.
2010-04-29 08.08.41
Work was busy and productive, except for the 10 minutes staring at the snow falling from the sky.  Yup, you heard me right, it snowed on my birthday.  IN APRIL.  First time ever.  I tried to get a picture of the snow.2010-04-29 08.03.11
It didn’t work, the droid is amazing but not THAT great.  We had the whole day to look forward to cake :)  I love white cake with vanilla icing.  I know.  It’s weird.  But it’s what I like.  My boss Tom picked up the most delicious cake  from whole foods.  I forgot to take a picture before it was cut into.
2010-04-29 14.05.49
Yeah, it was pretty amazing.
2010-04-29 14.06.17
I had one piece, I love that the blueberries were in between each layer.2010-04-29 14.06.02
It took forever to eat this, so good but so rich!  I talked about one birthday tradition yesterday, I fulfilled another tradition on my birthday.  Shrimp!
grilled shrimp-2
Dan made grilled shrimp.  It’s so messy to eat because they are cooked with the shells on, but they were so amazingly delicious.
grilled shrimp-3
He also made me some parmesan truffle mashed potatoes
birthday dinner-6
And a salad that I forgot to photograph, he even made the salad dressing!  He’s such a good husband.  We also embarked on a new adventure for both of us….
birthday dinner-2
cake baking!  What can I say, I love cake.  I suggested we make it so that we can halve the recipe. 
birthday dinner-15
The message to halve the recipe did not make it into action.

We didn’t start baking the cake until at least 9pm and were in a rush and oh so many things went wrong. 
birthday dinner-14
But it doesn’t look like it, does it?

Until you cut into it.
birthday dinner-17
I think we didn’t let it cool long enough and so when I put the layers together they fell to pieces. 

I had to ‘glue’ it back together with icing.  Yeah, so much icing!

The messiness didn’t stop it from tasting great, But next time I’m going to put fruit in between layers, strawberries would be delicious…
birthday dinner-18
Wow this was a REALLY long post.  So much food for one day!

What is your special birthday meal?