afternoon adventure

Well, I had an unexpected adventure on Wednesday!  I should start at the beginning.  Wednesday was a weird day.  I’ve been swamped so I headed into work at 7:30 and worked until a little after 9, then Dan picked me up and took me to my car which I took to Littleton to my dentists’ office. 

Mazatlan Waves

Once I got there, I had to call into a conference call.  After the call ended I had to get into the dentist chair, I was there for EVER.  UGH!


After the dentist I rushed home to pick up cheesecake for Dan’s bday and I tried to finish the afternoon (it was after 3) at home, we had a long convo about working from home vs. going into the office.  My work laptop wouldn’t log in so I had to go into the office, it was a quick last minute decision. 

white flowers

Fast forward to 5pm.  I’m walking home and look into my purse for my keys.  they.were.not.there.  CRAP.  I’ve never done that before!  I think my body knew I might slack out of working out tonight.  So, there I am stuck, it’s 5pm, Dan doesn’t get home until 7. 


Thankfully it was beautiful, I walked and walked and walked.  I wandered through Whole Foods, where I found that Ben & Jerry’s has cake batter ice cream.  hmm, I’m wondering if this will be good for my invalid birthday!(yes, I’m feeling VERY sorry for myself…)


I wish I had taken some pictures though.  This would be a perfect time to share those!  Food happened, nothing interesting though!


The pictures are random ones from past adventures!  When was the last time fate forced you to workout?