Working hard for the calories…

I’ll stop talking about the body bugg some day, but I’m still figuring things out.  I really like having goals that I can aim for and exceed.  Monday night I got home late from work and was STARVING so I did not want to work out, I wanted to EAT. 


I ate dinner and started reading blogs when I saw that I had more calories to burn to reach my target.  So, I decided to jump on the treadmill to get some more calories burned.  I like the fact that my goals are concrete and reachable.  It’s not like I need to do four miles, I just need to get a certain number of calories burned and steps in/day.


I was much better with my food today.  Breakfast started with  a chia bagel.  The seeds are stuck in my teeth ALL DAY.  Oh well.  Still worth it.

Daily Eats-5

The morning went by quickly and I discovered that I really like earl grey latte’s.  Who knew!  Yum.  We didn’t have leftovers for lunch so I had half a PB&J

Daily Eats-1

I followed that with some raisins

Daily Eats-4

A tangerine

Daily Eats-2

and a 100 calorie pack of chex mix.

Daily Eats-3

Dinner was paprika spiced pork chops with spinach.  The chop was great but the spinach was not.  Dan thinks it was too much lemon juice.

Daily Eats-12

Overall a decent day.  Once I finish this I’m going to get back on the treadmill to get a few more calories burned before bedtime!


What are your short term goals that keep you motivated?