Sigh of relief.  The stressful part of the week has passed.  Phew!  I have finally scheduled an eye doctor appointment to get my eye twitch and super dry eye problem checked out.  I haven’t been able to wear contacts consistently since Christmas break, it hurts.  Like a lot.  I miss my contacts!  The appointment isn’t until Friday, but I can’t wait to get this taken care of.  I definitely need to do something before our trip to Mexico in a few weeks!

I started the morning with another chia bagel.  I LOVE this combo.  Love!
daily eats-3
I had a big meeting all morning and didn’t even have a twinge of hunger until after it was over (12:30 or so).  I had some leftover pork for lunch.  yum.daily eats-1

I had some more chex for a snack
daily eats-12
and some raisins.
daily eats-2
Dan made honey glazed pork chops.  Unfortunately they were a little overcooked.  Despite that, the recipe was delicious!
honey glazed pork-3
Our date nights are over for the time being, which is sad.  But it’s a nice quiet Wednesday night.  How many more days until Friday?

After work I knew I needed to work out, I did NOT want to.  Despite that, I got on the treadmill for one mile.  No more, no less. but I did it in 11:45, it was kinda nice to go fast and short.  I’m glad I got on the treadmill even though I didn’t want to!

Have you ever dealt with contacts related eye pain?  How did it get fixed?