they fit!

I don’t know how I forgot about this with yesterday’s post.  But I have an awesome story for all of you.  Friday morning I was getting ready for work and I grabbed a pair of jeans that I have been eyeing all week.  I started to put them on and started to get really worried when they felt tighter than I remembered, I pulled them all the way up and buttoned and zipped them when I realized that they were not the pants I thought they were.  They were TWO sizes smaller!  Can you believe it?  The scale hasn’t moved at all in 2010, but the clothes are fitting better.  Sweet!
 Daily Eats-5
That was a great way to begin the weekend.  I really want this to work, but I have no idea what my real calorie burn is, and so that causes some consternation.  I’ve been doing research on the fitbit and the body bugg.  I went back and forth all week and finally decided that the body bugg was worth the investment.  I read a review that said that the fitbit didn’t register calorie burn while working out above a walk.  That is the whole reason I wanted one of these devices.  I don’t need a pedometer.  I need something to help me figure out what an appropriate calorie deficit is.  I’m really hoping that the body bugg will give me the information I need to make smart decisions.  So far I love it!
 Daily Eats-7
(first strawberries of the season!)
Now with all of those great decisions/events you’d think I would have a perfect day.  Well, not so much.  Breakfast was a delicious toast combo.  I had Heather’s jam on one piece and Justin’s chocolate almond butter on the other.  I am totally in love with this flavor! 
Daily Eats-2
My lunch was a lot of snackie items that I didn’t track immediately and so I made poor decisions.  Oh well.
Daily Eats-12
( I snacked on some hummus and carrots…so so good)
Dan and I decided to go on a date and so we checked out Campo Di Fiori in Cherry Creek.  Little did we know that it was the last night for this restaurant.  That could explain why the food was just ok.  I didn’t bring my camera since I knew the restaurant would be dark and not conducive to decent photos….
Daily Eats-14
(dan made some yummy polenta for lunch)

Who uses a body bugg?  Any tips/tricks to share?  Do you find that a 500-1000 calorie deficit always works to lose weight?