Super Food Experiment

Saturday was another beautiful day in Denver.  I decided to start the day with a mini-bagel topped with chia seeds, two PB & fig balls and some bacon ( I love bacon)
daily eats-3
yikes this was high calorie!  I woke up tired still and so I sat around all morning and putzed.  I bought a new lens during my putz time!  I’ve been asked by one of Dan’s teammates to take photos at some upcoming races and I’ve been wanting a better zoom lens.  Of course the best lenses cost thousands of dollars.  I found this one for half price because it was refurbished.  I can’t wait to try this baby out in MEXICO!

I did run a bit that morning but my right thigh muscles was aching all afternoon, so I think I’m going to take a break and walk for the next few days. 

We ran errands all afternoon and I tried on my new contacts.  Unfortunately the left eye still feels off.  What is wrong with my eye?!  I was successful at finding a new bathing suit and some ingredients for an experiment Dan and I were going to try that night.

What is the experiment?  Avocado/sardine sandwiches that we saw on Good Eats the night before.  Both seem to be super foods so I wanted to see how it turned out.
daily eats-7
Verdict:  Success! The sardines weren’t all that fishy and the protein/fat in the dish filled us up.

This was really important last night because Dan’s Cashew Chili was taking forever.
daily eats-13
This vegetarian chili dish was a definite success.  I like the idea of combining cashews with beans as a protein source.  We were up really late and then realized we had to “spring forward”  crap! 

What strange super food have you tried and enjoyed?