stressing out

Does anyone else get stressed out by their extracurricular activities?  I mean trying to fit it all into a small amount of time.  I have a pile of books I want to get to and no time to do it.  Photography and photo editing take awhile and I know I need to learn more, but where is the time?  Then there is blogging and reading blogs.  Of course, let’s not forget about working out. 
 Mazatlan Beach-1
Yesterday, I had the entire day off and so much to do that the day went by without me even noticing it!  I was getting anxious about all that I need to do and I realized that I just needed to stop doing.  Saturday started with me just relaxing and working out.  Yay.  I think I needed to just stop worrying about “getting stuff done.”
Mazatlan Beach-6
In that light, I haven’t even thought about editing my food photos from this week.  I’ve been too busy editing the mazatlan photos, so here are a few more.
Mazatlan Beach-13
There is no better way to relieve stress than to look at beach pictures.  Gosh I want to go back!
Mazatlan Beach-10