My eyes are better (are you sick of hearing about them? I know I am) I’m hoping they keep improving, it’s scary to have eye problems.  My sister had (major) eye problems when she was in high school.  As a result, I’m a bit paranoid about my eyes. 

On a happier note, we leave for Mexico on Friday!  And no, we’re not going to any of the areas in the news.  Of course going to Mexico means I’m going to have to walk around in a bathing suit.  It wasn’t that long ago that I wore a bathing suit daily but for some reason I’ve lost all my bathing suit confidence.  That and I realize that my skin is so incredibly pale.  I’m almost see through!  I’m seeing a lot of sunscreen in my immediate future!

Food today was a bit of a fail.  Well, not all food. lunch.

Breakfast was good.  I had another Mix 1
daily eats-2
and another bagel thin (no chia seeds today)
daily eats-3
lunch was leftover cashew chili, but sometimes I have issues with cooked tomatoes and I couldn’t do it today.  Instead I just ate my snacks.  A tangerine
daily eats-1
and some raisins.  Love raisins.  These are the perfect sweet treat to end my day!
daily eats-4
I came home to some instructions on my dinner.  It was a bit of a mixture.  Dan made the basic risotto recipe,
risotto squash-2
naked chef pesto
risotto squash-12
and an acorn squash(split in half and cooked at 375 for 35 minutes). 
risotto squash-13
Man! This was amazing!  The entire time Dan was eating it he kept marveling that he had never had squash before this fall and now it is one of his favorite foods.
risotto squash-6
It’s one of mine too!  I had lumped all squash into the same category with summer (yellow) squash and zucchini.  I still hate yellow squash and zucchini but I love the winter squashes (acorn, butternut, spaghetti etc).

Dinner was a win!  On a side note, remember the tart Dan made yesterday?  He almost finished it today.  He calculated it to be about 1200 calories!  Yikes! (of course it was intentional on his part-he needs that many calories)

Do you like tomatoes?  I love fresh tomatoes, I enjoy cooked tomatoes if they are just right, but if they aren’t cooked the way I like them, no way jose!