I’m not sure if you remember, but last fall when the news about the bpa in the sigg bottles came out I decided to take advantage of the voluntary recall and trade my bottles in for non-bpa versions.

The company was pretty accommodating at first.  I mailed the bottle in and got a quick response.  Although it took about a month or two to get my code to select my replacement bottles online.  I spent quite awhile looking through the website selecting my favorite bottles.  I was kind of excited to start using my new bottles.

It wasn’t until January that the bottles showed up.  I was excited to open the box and realized quickly that something was wrong.  They totally were NOT the bottles I had selected!  It’s not that they were bad, I was hoping to share them with Dan and they aren’t gender neutral.
They apologized for not giving me the ones I wanted so they sent an extra little one.  I kind of wish they hadn’t given me the opportunity to select bottles if they weren’t going to be able to fulfill it.  Overall I still have sigg bottles and I do like the product.

What do you drink your water out of?  Are you concerned about BPA?