saying goodbye

One part of the body bugg that makes me sad is that I’m saying good bye to Sparkpeople.  I have been tracking my calories in & out on sparkpeople on and off since May 2007.  I love that it is free and user friendly and I’m kind of sad to no longer be earning sparkpoints and awards.  If anyone is looking for a great resource, check it out! 

I’m leaving sparkpeople because the bodybugg site is so much better and works with the calorie deficit that the bugg calculates.  I’m doing a great job tracking my calories eaten now because I want to see what the deficit is.  While I’m sad to be leaving sparkpeople, I am excited about my new tool.  I think it’s working, the scale has gone down 3 lbs.  Some is water, and I know it.  But I don’t really care.  I’m working out, getting stronger, eating well and seeing results in the scale.  Win!

Breakfast was another Mix 1
Daily Eats-1
and some PB & Fig Balls
Daily Eats-2
I did something new for lunch.  My friend wanted Panera but I wanted the food I brought.  So, I brought my food to Panera.  Just my chicken and tangerine. 
Daily Eats-4
Daily Eats-5
I felt great about this decision, I chose health.  I had a few snacks in the afternoon including some raisins.
Daily Eats-3
After work I was STARVING!  But, I hadn’t met my calorie goal yesterday and so I jumped onto the treadmill.  Dan was home and just starting dinner so I didn’t want to snack, so this was perfect timing.  I started with a walk and chatted with my mom.  Once we got off the phone I started running.  Nothing huge, 14 min/miles.  It was a fabulous pace.  I felt like I could go forever.  I was sweating a ton, but I wasn’t too out of breath (I could still talk) and I felt like it was all coming together.  Maybe I’ll add some more distance runs in at this pace.

A few weeks ago Foodbuzz and the folks at Bertoli sent me two samples to try.  Four Cheese Rosa and Arrabbiata pasta sauces. 
daily eats-3
Dan saw the recipes and saw a few that appealed to him so we tried one tonight.  Mozzarella and Bacon stuffed chicken breasts with the four cheese rosa sauce. 

This was NOT a low calorie dish.  One serving was about 800 calories.  But one serving was an entire chicken breast and 7.5 ounces of cooked pasta.  Huge amounts of food. 

I had about a third of a serving, about 300 calories.  Not bad.  This is a fantastic meal for me and Dan to share because the amount I ate was satisfying and Dan had two servings and is almost done for the day.  Perfect!
mozzarella bacon chicken-11
Do you live with someone with different food needs than you?  How do you  accommodate both needs?