race pics

I’m still not caught up on pics from Mexico, and since those pics are far more interesting than my food, although Dan and I did have some tasty meals that you will just have to wait for.  Today I’m sharing the pictures from the race last Saturday. Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-14
First, I have to share the story of getting to the race.  Andrea and I didn’t really have a clear idea of where the race was just that we were supposed to turn right on the road in front of the hotel.  We had a moment where we felt uncomfortable with our lack of direction and decided to take a cab for the 5 mile trek. 
 Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-15
Ryan and Dan before the race

Unfortunately, the cabbie we found didn’t understand my Spanish and took us to someone that spoke English.  With clear directions we set off in sort of the right direction.  Then we hit traffic.  The cabbie apparently did not want to deal with the traffic and wouldn’t take side roads.  I tried to figure things out with my broken Spanish but it was tough.
 Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-27
(Check out the reflection in the sand!)

Finally we saw some cyclists and realized we were parallel to the race course!  I begged to get out to walk along the bike course to the race start.  The cabbie didn’t think that was a good idea and kept driving.  As a lover of The Amazing Race I’ve gotten annoyed with racers that badmouth their cabbie from the backseat.  Now I understand.  My Spanish isn’t fabulous, but I was trying really hard.  About 30-40 minutes later he got to a location that he felt comfortable dropping us off.  Unfortunately it was maybe about a mile from our hotel. #cabfail.  We still made it to the race, but barely saw Amy get out of the water :(
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-5
Amy on the bike
This was Andrea’s first triathlon, so it was really fun to introduce her to sport.  Unfortunately, the course was difficult to photograph and I didn’t think to get credentials and so my photo abilities were limited. 

I camped out at the top of a stairwell for the swim photos and I thought they turned out pretty well! (that’s Dan in the back of the photo in blue and red)  Doesn’t that look like a mess of people?  They all had to get back in the water and do it all over again!
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-32
For the bike I slid into the small area between the the gates and the stage that the pacifico girls were dancing on.  For some reason many central and south American races have girls like this at the races.  The best part was that they brought their pom poms down to the start line…special.
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-3
Dan got into a bike pack with two of his teammates (Jordan and Matt)
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-130
My position was good enough to get pics of the rest of the teammates too.
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-85
A super close up of Ryan
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-89
Cyrus navigating a turn
I had a terrible angle for the run, and my best pictures are of all the guys from behind…
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-169
Those are two of the best facial expressions for Dan and Jordan for the day.  And by best I mean least painful looking.  Matt also had a pretty steady face throughout the race.
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-250
Ryan really won the contest for the most painful looking face.(he was dealing with major leg pain)  Thankfully (for Ryan) this was taken steps away from the finishing line.
Mazatlan 2010 ITU Race-256 I could go through an analysis of the race, but nah.  I’m having a ton of fun trying out my new lens and camera and I learned a lot at the race about what to and not to do.  But overall the autofocus worked quickly and quietly and the images were able to be cropped very closely.

Does anyone else take sports photos?  Any tips/tricks?  Do I really need a mono-pod or could I use my tripod?