Paying for it

So, yeah. Mazatlan was gorgeous.  Perfect really, but what wasn’t perfect?  The food.  We got the all inclusive package which was a deal, except for the fact that the food was not awesome.  I stopped taking pictures after awhile, since the food was all the same. 

Breakfast was by far the best meal of the day, but for some inexplicable reason, the breakfast buffet had some sprinkles.
mazatlan day 2-9I never ate the sprinkles.  I did try some watermelon, pineapple, french toast, chilequiles, hash browns, eggs and a muffin.  Wow that is a ton of food.  I pared it down
mazatlan day 2-10
I added more eggs and fruit and fewer other sides.  The muffins were good, so I had one every day.  Oops.
mazatlan day 3-2
Before each meal we had salsa and chips.  There was a different salsa for dinner than lunch, and much better.  This was the lunch salsa.mazatlan Day 1-18
There were also lots of drinks (including big bottles of water-50 oz-that we ordered with each meal)
mazatlan Day 1-20
We also got appetizers before each meal, I shared all of the appetizers with Dan.  Lunch appetizers rotated between guacamole
mazatlan Day 1-25
and taquitos.  The resort, for some reason thought that slices of American Cheese would be a great addition to the nachos, taquitos and other dishes.  Ew.
mazatlan day 2-16
The first day I had the BLTA (bacon lettuce tomato and avocado) yummy.
mazatlan Day 1-26
I also tried the burger (more american cheese)  I gave Dan half.
mazatlan day 2-18
I only took dinner pictures one day.  For appetizers I got the shrimp cocktail.  It was disgusting, I did not finish it.  The shrimp tasted like it had been frozen after it was cooked.  We ordered fried shrimp and chicken fingers for apps for the rest of the time.  Dan did help me with those.
mazatlan Day 1-34
I also ordered the shrimp and rice.  It tasted like Chinese shrimp fried rice.mazatlan Day 1-35
Our all inclusive included dessert, and we had the worst apple pie ever.  I couldn’t even get Dan to finish this.mazatlan Day 1-36
The ice cream was a much better dessert option.

So, what does all of this add up to?  A gain.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  I am disappointed in myself.
Just thought I’d leave you with this random photo of a triathlon spectator.  Who wears a speedo while watching the race from the top of a cherry picker. 
Ok I shouldn’t leave you with that picture, that’s mean.
mazatlan Day 1-1
here is the view from the restaurant.
mazatlan Day 1-11
Is that better? 

How do you eat on vacation? Are you mindful of what you eat or do you celebrate?