Over the mountains…

One of the interesting things about moving to different areas is the accessibility of seemingly exotic locations.  When I lived in Mass. it was an easy trip to the beach for the afternoon, when I was in DC I commuted to the Capitol on a daily basis and now that we live out west, a quick trip to the mountain resort towns are possible.
daily eats-8
Dan’s knee has been bothering him and our friend Tina is a physical therapist that Dan trusts.  Since he has a race this weekend and knee pain we were very thankful when Tina agreed to let us come out to see her.  Unfortunately, she and her husband Brad no longer live down the street from us and live all the way out in Vail.  Not somewhere that I would think to be a short evening trip.
daily eats-9
However, it is really only a two hour drive (without ski traffic).  So we made it out there in time for Dan to get worked on and us to have dinner together.  Brad and Tina made us hamburgers
daily eats-11
and beans and pickles.  I never think to eat beans or pickles, but they are so tasty!
daily eats-10
I’m actually blogging as we are driving back through the mountains to Denver.

The rest of my eats are pretty blah for the day, but I have to say that the roast chicken Dan made last night created the BEST chicken breast leftovers.  I find chicken breasts to be bland and boring, but today they verged on craveworthy.
daily eats-5
of course they are not photogenic in the least.  Can’t win them all.

I’m off to help navigate Dan through the mountains.  Happy Tuesday!