Monday is not fun day

Stupid contacts!  They still hurt.  I’m staying hydrated and wearing the same brand I used to wear that were ok.  They are better than last time. But still irritating.  Work was fine, except for the contacts issue.

Breakfast was a Mix 1
daily eats-2
An Everything Bagel Thin with cream cheese and chia seeds.
daily eats-7
Lunch was leftover cashew chili
daily eats-4
A tangerine
daily eats-5
And some raisins.
daily eats-3
I got home to Mr. Chef, He had made some chicken, cauliflower and sweet potatoes.
chicken with sweet potatoes and cauliflower-2
Dessert was a blackberry tart.  So high calorie.  But so delicious.
blackberry tart-6
What is your favorite berry?  I love blackberries, but think I prefer blueberries.