long walk home

I love it when weekends start early.  Friday started out just right.  I was a bit sore from the last few days, but I had a plan to get my steps/calorie burn in.  I was meeting a friend from high school for brunch at 10 at snooze

I love going to brunch, but I can’t wait that long to eat, so I eat something small.  This is when the PB & Fig Balls come in handy.  Fiber and protein in a small package.  Yum!
daily eats-3
We met at snooze and even though it was Friday there was a pretty long wait.  This place is incredibly popular!  I’m still craving hollandaise sauce after the fail at Toast last month.  However, I know how calorie dense hollandaise sauce is and so I didn’t want to leave the amount to chance so I decided to try a sandwich that had hollandaise dipping sauce.
daily eats-8
Sandwich I Am: Challah bread French toast, stuffed with our brown sugar ham, scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, with a dipping sauce of house jelly or smoked cheddar hollandaise; house hash browns too!
daily eats-4
This looks like a lot, and it is.  I ate half of the big half and almost half of the hash browns.  It was tasty, WAY too much food.  My big plan to get the calories in was to walk home from the restaurant.  The restaurant is a bit over 2 miles home, I was almost home when I passed by Cheeseman Park and decided that I’d like to extend the walk.  Overall it was 3.3 miles and all of it was spent in the gorgeous 60 degree weather.
daily eats-9
I love Colorado.  The brunch filled me up until late afternoon.  I had some snacks through the afternoon and got to pick up my new contacts!  I hope these work out.
daily eats-12
Dan and I had a bit of a miscommunication about dinner and I ended up finishing up the leftovers from Thursday night.  These were much better the night before, since microwaving makes things a bit soggy.
daily eats-13
I ended the night completely exhausted.  Dan and I went to bed early in hopes to feel more energized and rested.

What is your favorite brunch meal?