A little bit extra…

Today was just another Tuesday, but it seemed longer than Monday…Not good!  I did come to work prepared with a good number of calories but not too many.  Unfortunately, one of my coworkers brought in girl scout cookies.  Oh so bad, but I made it work by walking for a bit extra.

The Mix 1 fairy came last night so I get to have them for breakfast again!  Yay!
Daily Eats-1

They must have done something to their formula since this was the best Dark-berry drink that I’ve had so far.  I also had two PB & Fig Balls.  These held me over pretty well.
Daily Eats-2
Midway through the morning I was craving something so I munched on this tangerine.
Daily Eats-4
Lunch was leftovers from last night, paprika spiced pork.
Daily Eats-6
I also had a 100 calorie chex mix pack. 
Daily Eats-5
I haven’t yet met my 10,000 steps goal so when I got home I got on the treadmill to pound out some extra steps.  I walked until I exceeded my steps goal.  Boy that felt good.  Although, I’m still a little short on my calories burned goal.  I need to start planning earlier in the day.  That’s one thing I’m loving about this device.  It’s keeping me mindful of small activity throughout the day since I see how it adds up.

Dan made another roast chicken (this time with sage)  I love his roast chickens but I hate how smokey the house gets! (ugly picture! Sorry!)
Daily Eats-9
Well, that’s it for me tonight.  Do you watch The Biggest Loser?  Two hours of the show is a bit too much for me, but it’s fun to see the transformations.