Foods that make you go “mmm”

It’s true, working out in the morning raises your metabolism.  I had a morning meeting and had evening plans so I wouldn’t be able to work out later, plus the morning meeting would keep me sedentary for a long time.  So, I sucked it up and ran.  2.6 miles in like 36 minutes.  It felt awesome.  I know it was slow, but it felt so easy.  Of course my face was BRIGHT RED for like an hour after the run.  Oops. 

I like to eat before I workout, but also needed to eat afterwards as well.  I had a Mix 1
daily eats-2
and some PB & Fig Balls (4 in total).
daily eats-5
I got back to work in time for lunch.  I had some leftovers from Wednesday night for lunch.  I’m always the envy of my coworkers when I have amazing food like this.
daily eats-10
I had some hummus
daily eats-13
and carrots for snack.
daily eats-11
and a tangerine.
daily eats-14
Andrea came over for an in-house (Real Housewives) happy hour.  On the way home we stopped by Safeway and found Bagel Thins!  YAY!  Andrea had actually found them the night before and brought me there so I could pick my flavor.  of course, I picked Everything.  When we got back to my place she insisted we walk the stairs (it’s been awhile since I did that!)  I apparently burned 7.3 cals/minute going up the stairs.  That is definitely good to know!

When Dan came home he made the second Bertolli dinner (thanks bertolli and foodbuzz for the free product!).  This one was Pork Milanese.
pork milanese-1
(I wish this was my portion, but doesn’t Dan do a nice job with presentation?)

It was AMAZING.  I could have eaten so much more.  We agreed that Dan needed to make this recipe again.  However, the bertolli sauce didn’t add that much to the dish, the pork alone could be accompanied with a lot of different sides and would still be a star.
pork milanese-14
I love food that makes you stop and go mmmm while you are eating it.  Thanks Bertolli and foodbuzz!
pork milanese-15
Now it’s my weekend, Yay!

What food made you stop and go “mmmm” recently?  If you have a link to a recipe, SHARE!  I love new recipes.