Food Revolution

My love for Jamie Oliver is pretty obvious, his recipes are delicious and easy.  This weekend we watched the first two episodes of his Food Revolution TV show.  I see what he’s dong and I applaud it.  He does come of a bit haughty though.  I’m torn about his approach.  When it comes to his cookbooks he’s like a friend showing you all of the kitchen secrets that he knows.
daily eats-2
During the show he seemed so alarmed and disgusted that the friend element of his personality was overshadowed.  And while I agree that he does know better than the average resident of Huntington, W.Va.(or frankly, most places), I can see why some people were turned off.  I wonder if he was trying too hard to shock and disgust people instead of opening minds.  Of course, that might be saved for later episodes.

His chicken nugget experiment might have been more effective if he had also made a yummy healthy dish like he does so often in his cookbooks.  The aroma alone would have convinced a kid to try something other than the fried chicken guts.
daily eats-4
Did you watch this show?  Did it impact you at all? 

In other news, I walked some this past weekend.  My ankle is still bothering me after not wearing sneakers for a few days last weekend. So, instead of running I've been walking.  A lot.  The body bugg is encouraging me to burn 300-400 calories/workout and to walk at least 3000 steps during a workout.
hazelnut trout-5
Overall the weekend was really fun. Friday night I went to happy hour with some friends.  Saturday, Dan and I meant to go see the movie, Hubble 3D ( he worked on when he was at NASA).  Unfortunately, we ran out of time. 
chicken fajitas-11
Sunday started with bookclub!  I did not take pictures of everything everyone brought.

I made an egg and cheese strata.
bacon spinach strata-5
Hillary made a delicious and light salad.
daily eats-1
and Laura made peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses (both dark and milk chocolate).
daily eats-2
Emma made a really fantastic Quinoa and avocado salad.  I forgot to take a picture of this, but I really need to make it again!  Finally, Annie brought yogurt and granola.  I don’t eat granola much but I know I should.

We tried to get to see the movie again but didn’t make it.  We’ll have to try again.  In the meantime, check out Hubble 3D!