I got an interesting comment yesterday from Coley asking how I’m not losing weight with what I’m eating. It really was a sweet comment.

Long story short, I do work hard on my portions and eating the right foods.  I’m not perfect, not close, but I’m working really hard and not seeing a lot of results.  Part of the problem is Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) and the rest is that I love carbs and those two things don't mesh.  It’s frustrating but I’m working through it.

daily eats-1
I had a breakfast meeting today, I knew that the food there wasn’t going to be fiber/protein heavy so I went ahead and had my chia bagel at home.
daily eats-2
yum.  This is such a good breakfast.  When I got to the office I had my raisins.  I just LOVE these.  I’m thinking of taking Ashley’s advice and switching it up with dried apricots…
daily eats-3
I also had a lunch meeting, we decided on eating at a local asian restaurant, Taki’s it’s the one asian place I’ve been that doesn’t automatically offer chopsticks.  I got some today though (since I requested it).  I ordered an 8 piece california roll.
daily eats-7
I had no meetings all afternoon which meant that the hungry monster came out to play.  I’m glad that I have some 100 calorie packs to the rescue.  I have chex mix, which isn’t too tempting, but satisfying.
daily eats-12
And the ever evil, totally NOT natural/healthy cheetos.  These are kept in Dan’s car.  I WANT something like this in the afternoon.  Left to my own devices I may wander across the street and buy something.  This way I have something, it has fewer calories than anything I’d buy straight out.
daily eats-10
Gross. Right?  See, I’m trying not to tempt anyone.  After work, I headed to Lala’s with Andrea.  We split an amazingly delicious crepe.
daily eats-11
Buckwheat crepe stuffed with asparagus, housemade hazelnut-ricotta, and chives with a candied ginger balsamic reduction

Then I ordered the Roman Artichokes.  I was very mistaken about the definition of “lightly battered.”
daily eats-14
Roman Artichokes
Lightly battered long stem artichoke hearts with basil pesto and aleppo
pepper aioli

Oops.  Not so healthy.  When I got home, Dan heated up some leftover chow-dah. (half a serving)
daily eats-19
Dan made some healthy fries and I had a couple.  Too much food. but so delicious!

If you are a blogger do you share every morsel that you eat or what is your bloggy philosophy?