A day with the bugg

Sunday was my first full day with the body bugg.  I slept with it on and apparently burned 800 calories in the middle of the night.  I also took 3 or 4 steps at like 2 am….Do I sleep walk?  Or was I tossing and turning so much that it counted as a step? 

One problem though is that since I see how many calories I burn, I think I can eat that many.  I think that instead I need to try for a certain calorie deficit this week and see if there are results and if not, increase it.  I don’t think the 1000 calorie deficit works for me.  I know, I confound science.
Daily Eats-2
(Breakfast PB&J Oats ala Heather with a side of flax seed meal)

I woke up SORE this morning.  I decided to stretch out and do 4 miles of walking.  I threw a little bit of running in there and felt great.  I also did some abs again.  I think the body bugg is encouraging me to try to get off my butt more.
Daily Eats-9
(snacked on hummus and carrots)

Unfortunately, I was starving all day.  I drank water, had protein at breakfast and ate protein for snacks (.5 ounce of cheese, PB and Fig ball).

Oh well, some days are hungry days.  I forgot to photograph dinner again.  We had green pepper and onion pizza.  It smelled better than it tasted!
Daily Eats-5
(lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich)

It is comforting to know that even though I ate too much, that I will have burned more than I ate at the end of the day.
PB FIG Doughballs-5
(snacked on PB& fig dough balls)

Back to work tomorrow, and it’s the countdown to MEXICO!  We are going to have a very relaxing time, can’t wait for margarita’s by the pool.

Where is your next vacation?