Cooking Machine

Lately, my family has been asking me what percentage of the cooking Dan does vs. what I do.  Um it’s like 98% Dan 2% me.  Well, that might be giving me a lot more credit than I need.  But Friday night I was cooking more than Dan :) 

I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to use the food processor.  We never had one growing up, and Dan does all the real cooking in our house!  It took me a half hour to realize that the top was on backwards!  Oops!

I did realize though that streaming NPR through my Droid while I cooked made the time really enjoyable!  What did I make you ask? Two recipes that Ashley shared with us at the CO blogger get together.  Curry Honey Hummus and Peanut Butter Dough Balls.  I made some changes and they both came out great!  I am always on the hunt for more real fiber in my diet and so I added more chia seeds and some dried figs.  Of course, I totally forgot to add the peanut butter.  Oops.  I rectified it but the balls were a little crumbly, but a lot delicious.  I’ll share the recipe soon!
PB FIG Doughballs-7
The hummus was so.easy. Except that I couldn’t find tahini.  I read somewhere that peanut butter was a (not awesome, but doable) replacement, so I did that.  It turned out great.  I may have been caught dipping carrots into the hummus all night.
daily eats-5
Yum!  This is perfect with carrots.  Which totally look like cheetos, so I’m sure I won’t miss the cheetos, right?

Of course Dan did make us dinner.  He made the first recipe I ever posted on here. easy roasted shrimp.  This is such a delicious recipe.
daily eats-1
(note: there is a TON of oil in the ramekin-That is what was left over in the pan after the shrimp was finished.  That oil did not all get eaten.  I think between the two of us maybe 5 T got eaten out of the ramekin, now we need to figure out how to dispose of it!)
daily eats-4
Before all of that, I needed to get a workout in.  I didn’t want to run, so I took a walk, first I was just going to do an hour, but then I decided to double the mileage too and I got 4 miles in in one hour. Felt great!

I also ate breakfast and lunch, but I forgot to photograph it because I was so busy in the morning at work.  I left early to see the eye doctor and it turns out that the contacts were too big and suffocating my eye.  I guess my eyes are more sensitive than most and as I get older I may have to give up contacts all together.  For the meantime he is prescribing me a smaller size of contacts(diameter).  Hopefully I’ll be able to wear contacts in 7-10 days when the contacts come in!

Do you have dry eyes?  What do you do about it?  If you use them, what brand of eye drops do you prefer?