Chia Bagel and Chow-dah

As you all know, I’m always on the quest for adding more “real” fiber into my diet.  I have not decided if all bran bran buds count as “real” fiber or not.  I’m trying to move away from them.  I do love me some chia seeds and flax seed meal, but I’m generally at a loss as to how to eat them.  There are good drinks, but I don’t drink them much.  They are great in yogurt, but I don’t eat yogurt that often, same goes for oatmeal.

Well, today I came up with a new idea.

daily eats-2
Chia bagel!  I think this is about a serving of chia seeds.  I really liked the combination.
daily eats-1
Lunch was my leftover pork.  Still tastes good.
daily eats-3
I also had a serving of raisins
daily eats-4
and a 100 calorie pack of caramel chex.
daily eats-11
Dan made some corn and shrimp chowder for dinner.  So yummy!
shrimp and corn chowder-13
It was topped with bacon and crackers and came out to 400 calories.  Not too bad for something completely crave-worthy!

I’m totally on target for fiber today.  Yay.  I’m looking forward to having another chia bagel tomorrow.

How do you like to eat your chia seeds?