catching up

I’ve spent most of the night editing photos from our trip to Mazatlan, and now it is time for bed.  I’ll leave you with a few photos from the trip.

mazatlan Day 1-9
The castle, which is actually a night club. 
mazatlan Day 1-8
Another view from our balcony, birds really liked to hang out there.
mazatlan Day 1-19
I loved all the tiling at the hotel, it was so cheerful!  And onto our group, I don’t generally take pictures of people(other than at races), so I made an effort.  Of course this was my only attempt so here are the people we traveled with.
mazatlan Day 1-21
Jordan and Amy
mazatlan Day 1-22
Cyrus and Matt
mazatlan Day 1-23
Scott and Dan (yikes! Horrible photog skills on that picture!)
mazatlan Day 1-24
And Andrea and me. (not pictured: Ryan who was off finding a grocery store)
mazatlan Day 1-17
We were all there for the triathlon and only Scott, Andrea and I didn’t race.  But we all had a fabulous time.
mazatlan Day 1-30
No afternoon post for me today, I have hundreds of race photos to work through.  You should see the magic of my telephoto lens!  I’m LOVING it.  I promise to do a review of that and my body bugg soon.