80 degrees!

where do my nights go?  I just realized that it’s getting late and I haven’t posted yet.  No great adventures tonight, just trying to get things done that we’ve been meaning to do.  However, the day was spectacular, 80 degrees.  Yes, it was just last week that we landed in a blizzard…Oh the joys of Denver weather!

Food today was pretty unoriginal.  Once again I had leftover roast chicken…yum!  Unfortunately, it was super garlicky and fragrant.

I tried a new kashi bar that I got as a sample.
daily eats-1
It was almost half dark chocolate and that was just too much for me.  I ended up scraping off the topping and eating the granola bar.  Oh well.
daily eats-2
For dinner Dan made the potato leek and feta tart this time with russet potatoes.  It wasn’t as fabulous as previous attempts but still tasty!
daily eats-3
I was able to take a walking meeting during work, which was PERFECT.  I love days like this!  I hadn’t met my targets (even with walking ~1 mile to and from work) so I got on the treadmill and walked some more.  My ankle is feeling a bit better, maybe I’ll try running again this weekend?
daily eats-5
What sample have you gotten recently that has disappointed you?