Unwinding and relaxing

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I only have two meals to share with you from yesterday. 

The morning started with Dan offering to make some more buttermilk pancakes
Of course he’s not allowed to actually cook the pancakes…
But making the batter was really sweet and definitely helped me out of the funk that the week had put me in. 
Shortly after breakfast one of my friends called and asked if I want to get a pedicure.  My toes haven’t had any love in months and months, I have a big knot in my back and so I was totally game for some pampering!

After a fabulous relaxing time we decided to stop by lala’s for some light appetizers.  I wasn’t hungry at all so we just split a flat bread.  It was about 2pm by the time I got home. 

I was feeling more relaxed than in a long time! So I hopped onto the treadmill.  Since I had done a run on Thursday and cramped a bit, I decided to walk.  I walked two miles in 33 minutes, there was a little bit of jogging in there, but mostly walking.  I finally figured out how to pause the treadmill.  (answer: press stop and then press start, yeah…I know not rocket science, but at least I know now)

Dan made us an early dinner of ravioli in brown butter sage sauce.  Does this sound as mouthwatering to you as it did to me?  Well, it didn’t disappoint.  I had one serving, which was about 490 calories. And too much fat.  We ate around 4:30 and I was full the entire night. 
Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage-15
Not just not hungry.  Full.  I should have had half of a serving and something light and fresh on the side.
Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage-3
Delicious.  I stepped on the scale last night and it was down 5 lbs from where I’ve been (a wee bit up from my low).  This morning I stepped on it again and I’m only 4 lbs down from where I’ve been.  How’d I gain a pound over night?  I usually lose two or three?  weird.  But hey, down is down. 
Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage-8
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