stir fry cooking

Oh my gosh, the hungry monster is still around! 

I started the morning with a Mix 1.
Daily Eats-2
Some raisins.  It’s official, I’m obsessed with raisins.  They are super sweet and one serving has so many little pieces that they take awhile to eat.  I love being able to stretch out my snacks for awhile.
Daily Eats-4
And some clementines.  When these are ripe they are also a fantastic snack.  I love how long they take me to eat!  Unfortunately so many clementines are major FAILS.  Disgusting sour and not good.  It’s like the lotto, you never know when you’re going to get a good one!
Daily Eats-3
I thought I would be OK, but when i finished my lunch before noon I realized that something was wrong.  The acorn squash was delicious, but did NOT fill me up.
Daily Eats-1
I’m very thankful for the 80 calorie mini Luna bars I bought a few weeks ago.  It helped me through to the end of the day. (not pictured)

Tonight was date night and Dan made some stir fry
Daily Eats-6
with a side of garlic spinach. 
Daily Eats-10
After dinner I had some Samoa’s Ice Cream.  I love girl scout cookie ice cream!  Of course I didn’t photograph it because I’m not cruel.  Tomorrow is my Friday and after a day like today, Friday can’t come soon enough.

Sorry for the short post.  It’s been a long day!