Standing up for myself?

We didn’t get anything near what the East Coast is still digging out from, but we are getting a little snow.  It’s so quiet and peaceful.  I love it!  But, the snow didn’t come till later.

I had a breakfast meeting this morning and thankfully it was walking distance from home and work!  yay!  It was a really nice walk to work after spending an hour and a half talking about obesity reduction.  I felt proud to be switching my dress shoes for sneakers and saying, I have to walk to work now.  I felt like it said, I may be overweight, but I’m doing something about it. 

I did not take pictures.  It just wasn’t appropriate.  Or all that photogenic.  Or filling.  I got to work and was sad to realize it wasn’t lunch time yet.  (this has been happening a lot this week…)  I staved off hunger with some raisins.   I was too busy to finish them.
Daily Eats-1
I saved lunch until 12:03.  It was the final portion of the shrimp fried rice.  To all my weight loss bloggie friends.  Don’t order in, try TJ’s recipe!  Her’s looks so much better.  Next time I want to make it at home instead of order in.
Daily Eats-2
The eating out food didn’t stop there.  Remember when I went to Steuben’s(click to go to review) a few months ago?  Well a friend and I were going to go back tonight, but were waiting for Dan and one of his teammates.  We thought we’d go early to get some appetizers and drinks and wait for the guys.  Nope.  They would not seat an incomplete party. There was no wait.  There were plenty of tables (not booths) available.  We asked if we could just wait for a booth (since there were couples at booths, but four could fit).  They refused.  We said we wanted to order food and drinks.  Nope. 
Daily Eats-3
(yeah, the blur in these pictures is TOTALLY on purpose….I should sign up for a class…)

We decided to sit down to think though our options and I said something to the waiter since I was so annoyed.  He brought his manager over and he was not conciliatory, had no excuse why we couldn’t wait for a booth and sit there, didn’t offer to buy us a drink, nothing.  I wouldn’t have been so bothered if they didn’t seat couples at booths, and if the manager had at least been the least bit nice.  Sorry, I don’t think it’s funny if you say “I’ll slap around the hostess later” for being rude.
Daily Eats-4
I don’t like ranting like this. But I felt like that could have been handled better.  We walked out. and went to a nearby Mexican restaurant, Las Margaritas.  This place was a totally different experience.  The waitress was amazing.  She accidentally spilled a little of my drink when she was putting the chips on the table and she immediately picked it up and got the bartender to refill it.(I didn’t ask-and wouldn’t ask for her to do that since it wasn’t a big deal)  Totally unnecessary, but totally awesome.
Daily Eats-7
Dinner was pretty tasty.  I got tropical shrimp rellenos.  It surprised me by coming with a salad and some masa.  I hate when Mexican food comes with beans and rice, it’s just too much heavy food.  but fresh lettuce leaves and jicama (no dressing) was refreshing and awesome.  I could only eat half of my entree and I worked on the salad for awhile.  Yum.
Daily Eats-8
I highly recommend this place!  I do not, however, highly recommend taking crappy pictures like these.  Good pictures will be back tomorrow!
Daily Eats-10
What do you do when you feel like you got subpar service in a restaurant?  Do you complain?  I usually let it slide unless it really interferes with my enjoyment of the evening.